It feels good…

Its a great feeling to be there for others that are in need/pain. I’ve met a few amazing women that are suffering through a loss as well. These women were complete strangers to me up until recently. We can talk as if we knew each other for longer… all because we share the same feelings and have the same hole in our hearts. Its just amazing to me. I feel like God has brought us in contact. I have felt like Isabelle had a purpose since she passed away and I am starting to see this feeling manifest. If a complete stranger can bring a smile to your face or joy to your heart then couldn’t that be perceived as a miracle? A miracle that even though we are in pain we know that Jesus weeps as well and maybe he has sent us someone to comfort us in our time of need; even if that person lives thousands of miles away. God really does work in mysterious ways! Tomorrow my husband and I are driving down to the beach in NJ to write our daughters name in the sand, and also the beautiful names of the babies my new found friends have lost as well. How amazingly special is that? I feel honored to write the names of those special babies lost and to know I brought a special smile and feeling of hope to those womens faces


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