The book…

Who would ever think that a simple book of another persons story could have such an amazing purpose? When I found out Isabelle’s diagnosis I was told by a dear friend to buy and read a book called “I will carry you” by Angie Smith. I went onto and promptly ordered the book. Once it came I read it in 2 days. It had brought so much hope and joy to me. It made my faith in God stronger. I will forever remember that book and how it made me feel and how it helped me. That book was so special to me. Then something amazing happened.  God gave me the chance to share that book… one of the women I have recently been in contact with had also just lost her baby girl Nevaeh to Turners Syndrome the day before I lost my little girl. I told her about the book and offered to send to her. It was just delivered today to her and now she can read it and hopefully feel the same comfort I did and the same joy it brought in my heart. I feel like I was destined to buy that book and read it and pass it along. Its another example of how God works in mysterious ways!


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