The hidden danger…

If I had not gone to the hospital when the pain started from labor there may of been additional problems, possibly fatal for me. During the few hours before and during delivery I spiked a fever of 103.8 and I started shaking uncontrollably close to delivery and I felt so cold on the inside. Once she was delivered and the placenta came out they started me on a high dose of antibiotics through my IV and then they took my temperature again and it started to drop. After a little while the fever was almost gone and all the sudden the room felt very hot and I had to take all the blankets off. It was like a huge hot flash. They had to keep me admitted for another night as they had to keep me on the strong antibiotics and make sure the fever does not come back. They said there was an infection in my uterus and that is what caused the high fever and once I delivered her with the placenta it took the infection out of my body. Her Hyrgroma had drained inside my uterus and that could have caused the infection as well. Either way if I was not in the hospital already that infection would have been there anyways and I could have spiked too high of a fever at home and been very very sick myself. Scared me to think how that outcome could have been. After the 24 hours of antibiotics my fever had not returned and they discharged us on Valentine’s Day. Walking out of the hospital was the hardest thing we ever did.

Update: (April 2013) it turns out I had ‘Mirror Syndrome’ which is very dangerous. Thank God I went to the hospital that day!


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