The tie tac…


We received some gifts after losing our daughter and they were all very special to us but one day a gift came that was so amazing and stopped us in our tracks. It gave us goosebumps and in that moment we knew Isabelle was in heaven without a doubt and in her Grampa Snooks arms. It all started with a tie tac that was owned by my late father in law. He sadly passed away a few years ago from cancer. This tie tac was a beautiful fire opal and he gave it to a friend of his Lynda to give to another woman, which she did. That was 50 years ago. Fast forward to December 2012 and Lynda oddly reconnected with that woman on Facebook after not speaking in 40 years…now that in itself is odd but where it gets strange and this is the part that gives me the goosebumps…is the lady randomly sends Lynda back the tie tac with no explanation. How does such a tiny tie tac not get lost after 50 years? Lynda makes memory bears and she made us one and on the pink bow on the bear she put the beautiful tie tac on. Now another odd thing is that the first ring Jesse (my husband) ever bought me was a fire opal. It was given to me as a Christmas present on our first christmas together. How amazing is it that this simple tie tac made its way back after 50 years? I think its a sign from his father to let us know he has Isabelle and she is in his arms being loved


One thought on “The tie tac…

  1. That is an amazing story. Amazing how the world works. Nice to know your angel is safe and happy with her grandfather. Bless you all xx

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