New Jersey on our mind…

Yesterday we decided to take a mini road trip to New Jersey just for something to do and to write our daughters name in the sand. We also wanted to write the name of some angel babies lost too soon from newfound friends Ive met through Facebook due to our losses. First we drove to Sea Brights, NJ so that we could go to the beach first. It was a long drive down, about 3 hours. It was a sunny beautiful day, was around 62 degrees. So we had the sunroof open in my car the whole ride down. It was awesome! Once we got there we smelled the ocean breeze and could hear the waves crashing down. It was beautiful. We wrote the amazing names in the sand and took pictures.  We also walked on the beach and took pictures. Once we left there we went and got some dinner at No Joes Beasty Burger and then went to get some pastries at Carlos Bakery in Hoboken. The ride home was fun as well. All in all it was a great day with lots of memories!


*Sign welcoming us to Sea Bright*


*Beautiful waves crashing on the rocks*




*Yours truly*


*My husband Jesse*


*Rest in Peace sweet daughter*


*Skyline of Manhattan*


*Cannoli’s from Carlos Bakery


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