I am 1 in 2500…

I am simply amazed right now, before we knew Isabelle’s diagnosis we had never heard of “Turners Syndrome” before, and I felt so alone after having her and I did not think anyone else was suffering the way I was at the time. I know I keep saying that God works in mysterious ways and I will keep saying it because he does, I have recently came in contact with a group of women that have all gone through the same thing, they have recently lost babies to the same thing and they went through the same thing. I now have other people to talk to that understand how I feel. Its amazing, the support just keeps getting better ❤ I feel so blessed, words cannot describe. They say 1 in 2500 girls have Turners Syndrome, and I am proud to say I am part of that, my little girl has taught me so much, and she made me strong!


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