Mommy and Me…

Every time I look at pictures of our sweet angel I am reminded of how great my God is. It is just simply amazing how life is created and how something goes from being just a bunch of cells to a human being. Even at just 5 months old our daughter was so developed. I am so happy we got to see her face and to know what she looked like. We are so grateful for that. Every now and then I play around with a photo editing app that I love called Picsart and tonight I created something beautiful and wanted to share. Its a picture of me and Isabelle laying on my chest right on top of my heart ❤ also a picture of her sweet hand print and foot print ❤



2 thoughts on “Mommy and Me…

  1. Very similar to my daughters story, we too lost Ava at 22 weeks. My heart goes out to you, there is not a day that I don’t think of our precious baby Ava. We put it in Gods hands and he called her home to be one of his Angles .

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