Homeless Vet…


This is a picture I took last summer, the picture speaks a 1000 words. I cherish this picture for so many reasons, most of the time (where I live) homeless people approach cars and hold up signs asking for money or food, but this man did not, he stood there with his chin up high and held a sign saying he was a homeless Vet and also “God Bless” now what makes this man stick out to me is the fact that he fought for our freedom at one point in his life and now he is homeless, but look… he is still announcing his faith. He is still praising the same God that some people would say allowed him to be homeless. One might argue and say he only wrote that to get attention, but I dont think so, I tried to make eye contact with him to say God Bless you back but he did not meet my stare. He looks weathered and exhausted. I wanted to help so much but I did not know how. Instead I said a prayer for him, what is strange is I never saw him again, even though I drive that way almost every day on my way to work. No one else even paid him any mind, they just sat in cars waiting for the light to turn green, but I was fixated on him, there was something about him that made it seem like time stood still. For all I know he could have been an angel, one will never know. His faith amazed me. I hope he has a warm home now and is still at peace with our God. Having gone through my own “storm” recently I can see things differently. When I took this picture I knew what I had felt in that moment and I dont even know why I took the picture, but now I do. It means so much to me now. Its proof that not all is lost and that even though it downpoured in my life, the sun is just around the clouds…God Bless


2 thoughts on “Homeless Vet…

  1. Wow, I’m happy to see you got so much from the man. You’re right, the first thing I thought when I saw the picture was how he still held his head up high. It goes to show that people can have hope and pride even when they’re down and out. It shows us that we’re all human and need help from time to time. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Thank you so much 🙂 its amazing how 1 person can affect someone, I wish someday that I can see him again and ask him his story and buy him a cup of joe! I can only imagine how awesome that story would be!

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