Easter Sunday…

Today is Easter Sunday and I felt like I should write a letter to our angel so here goes:

Dear Isabelle,

Today is a special day. Its the day Jesus rose from the grave. But now that you are in heaven I am sure you already know… I am sure Jesus told you so many things about life. How marvelous it must be to spend Easter with Jesus! I know you know how sad we are that we dont have you still growing inside of mommy; How we wont be able to pick out little dresses and bows to dress you in for Easter Sunday and we wont be able to cuddle you in our arms while you gaze back at us. But we know it is just temporary because someday we will be together again and then we can twirl in the sunlight and dance in the fields. I hope that you look over us from time to time and I hope we make you proud. We are already trying to lovingly create another brother or sister for you and I know you will be such a good guardian angel! Your big sister loves you so much too and she will always remember you, she wants to wish you a Happy Easter in Heaven. Also mommy has helped so many people and I feel so strong because of you. Your body was so small but the impact you had was so big! I will continue doing amazing things and be a warm loving person to everyone. Theres not one day that goes by that we dont think about you. Thank you baby girl for shining such beauty into our lives. We love you so much!!


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