A sign…

I’m usually not one to believe in signs or “messages” from loved ones but something happened today that stopped me in my tracks. A couple weeks ago I ordered some birthstone angels from Precious Moments to send out to some mommies that also lost babies and I ordered myself a cute clock. Once it was delivered I un-packed it and put the battery in (brand new battery) and it worked perfectly. I love the clock because in a way it symbolizes that time ticks away and every second gone is a second I cant get back. It reminds me to cherish life and remember the time we had with Isabelle. Now one thing that I have not shared with many is the one thing that has been heavy on my heart/mind…knowing when my sweet Isabelle’s heart stopped beating. I’ve cried so many times over this and it agonized me. The hospital staff had told me that since she was not viable they would not hook up the fetal heart monitor…that crushed me because I knew I was never going to hear her heart beating again while she was alive. They gave us one final ultrasound at 10:45pm and during that ultrasound they said she was already in heart failure and did not have much longer. I clung to hope that she would hold out and at least be able to take one breath before going to heaven. But she didnt. She was born at 8:14am and they said she looked like she had passed away at least 7 hours prior to being born. But they didnt know exactly when. Now back to the story of the clock. Remember how I said it worked perfectly and had a brand new battery? Well it stopped working last night. It was working fine in the afternoon and then when I looked at it this morning it was stopped right at 11:35pm. I cant help but think thats my baby girl letting me know when she died. There is no other explanation for a brand new clock to just stop. I highly doubt the battery was bad. The timing fits perfectly as 45 minutes before that they said she was in heart failure…has Jesus answered my prayers because I have been so faithful? Is my little girl comforting me to help me move past that burning question on when she died? I will never know but I am taking it as a sign either way. The weight of that question no longer weighs me down. I feel peace in my soul. Thank you baby girl, Mommy loves you so much xoxo



23 thoughts on “A sign…

  1. Thank you for sharing! I love precious moments figurines I have a whole bunch that I collected from snow globes to little figures watches etc. I collected at a young age. This is defiantly a sign. A lot of people don’t believe til they get one. My daughter does songs like here comes goodbye “Rascal Flatts” Was the first song she sent me at her visitation before her burial. As well as white feathers will fly through the windows for me. Big hugs mama, thank you for sharing your story

  2. My wife is a great believer in these things, and often feels that she has had messages and signs. I do not really share her (or any) faith, but I am always so pleased when anyone gets comfort from their beliefs. Thanks for visiting me in England. Pete.

  3. You made me cry! What a beautiful story and a perfect way to put your mind at ease. I hope you leave it set at that time as a way to have your sweet Isabelle with you all the time. I always believe in signs and look for them everywhere. I hope this gives you some peace. XOXO

  4. Thank you for writing this. The signs are there;you just have to see them.I am so happy for you this one reached you – they were very determined that you would open your eyes and get it ! Its comforting to know that this journey is bigger than we see in the day to day, and that little tingle that makes the hair on your arms stand up and then washes through you when something you say, see or feel comes to light – is the bigger story reminding us they are there – always.

  5. I’m sorry about your misfortune, and may you have many days of ease following your hardship. These trials that we go through here on earth are for just that, and to strengthen us in this world not to break us, stay positive and keep smiling.

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