Who am I?

Interesting question isn’t it? How often do we ask ourselves this? I have always thought that I knew who I was until I started to read my own blogs and I learned more about myself… so I thought it would be kind of interesting to type as many things about myself that I could think of because just thinking these things is not enough! I invite anyone that reads this to look inside yourself and ask yourself the same question, enlighten others with your response, its a true way to get to know yourself and for others to get to know you, and I can guarantee some things will be hilarious! So challenge accepted…(yes, I challenged myself)

Ready, Set, GO! (there is no order to this, I’ll type whatever comes to mind)

-I am German, Norwegian and Cherokee Indian; I was born in a small town called Birkinfeld, Germany.
-Yes, I am fluent in German.
-I grew up not knowing where “home” was as we moved around a lot due to being in a military family.
-I stole a candy necklace from Stewarts when I was 8.
-I used to play basketball for school and always had to have orange juice and a snickers bar on the way to practice.
-I was the Zelda master.
-I hated my butt in highschool so I always wore shirts around it, now looking back I dont know what I was thinking because I had an AMAZING tooshie!
-I have cold feet. No seriously, like dead person cold feet.
-I hate touching feet. Gross.
-I love vibrant/neon colors.
-My favorite color is pink and orange is a close second.
-I love elephants, they are magestic.
-I hate owls; let me re-phrase that…. I HATE owls. Creepy things! It is NOT natural to turn a head as far as they do, and the eyes, oh God the eyes….they stare into your soul.
-I hate clowns, I would probably punch one in the throat if it ever came after me.
-I am afraid of dark water. Im telling you there could be monsters in there!! If I cant see the bottom I dont go in! Clear water or no water!
-I think sharks would look friendly with dentures.
-I get excited when I jump in bed with clean sheets.
-I cant stand wearing socks in bed.
-I love flip flops. I will wear them until it snows!
-I dont like people touching my toes.
-I never went to prom.
-I learned to drive in a very old pick up truck that not only back fired but continued to run even after the ignition was turned off. It would then finally shut off after stalling a few times.
-When I was 14 I had no boobs and I used to stuff my bra with tissues.
-My favorite soda is Sprite.
-I love Velveeta shells and cheese.
-I ran track and field all year long while in highschool.
-I had my first child at 18 years old.
-I hate slip and slides…for the love of God why did there have to be a rock under there?!
-I love Iris’s.
-I love hot weather.
-Lip gloss is my best friend
-I hate wearing high heels… lets be honest ladies…your feet feel like dying after wearing them for a while.
-I can drive a standard car…even on days when I have to be tortured to wear heels!
-I like window shopping.
-I like driving around with no destination.
-I have a fetish with purses and perfume.
-I can tell when people lie to me.
-I married the man that made me believe in love at first sight.
-I lost a child, stillborn.
-I lost a child, miscarriage.
-I dont like doing “girly” things, I dont have time for that.
-I get along better with guys than girls….some girls are just vicious!
-I love texting, blogging and facebooking (is that a word?).
-I have a pitbull and he is the sweetest dog in the world.
-I am a strong woman.
-I have a huge heart.
-I am smart and witty.
-I have an unusually magnetic personality.
-I believe in God.
-I go to church every Sunday.
-I talk in my sleep…and sometimes get up and run out of my bedroom resulting in me waking up on the living room floor wondering how I got there and why my wrist hurts.
-I sometimes run around my house like an idiot chasing my husband to tickle him.
-I play hide and seek with my dog….really I do…I throw his tennis ball in the other room and while he runs to get it I hide and then he always finds me. He loves it and it makes me laugh so hard.
-I work for a repossession company. Better pay your bill!
-I am creative and have an amazing imagination.
-I love grilled food, has to be a charcoal grill though.
-I ask my husband to get me treats when I think I deserve one…and yes…I ask for one just like a little kid would.
-Finally I love finding people that I can help.

Hope you enjoyed! Now its your turn!!!



10 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. i too never knew home for long time..my father was in army too..
    i miss my dog alot like so much
    i cant wear high heels or any heels ..spend all day in canvas shoes..
    love blogging
    cant drive with no music in my car
    hate summers n winters both
    scared of clowns and snowman thanks to a horror tv series and novel

    wow so much to say..i ca go on and on

  2. I never went to prom either and I also Ran track and Field.
    Besides that definitely love Jesus and a few other things .BUT I never met anyone who did not go to prom! And whoo Hoo Track buds! hehe

  3. That was great. I just answered some random questions about myself on my last blog and came up with some new ones. It is definitely a fun way to discover who you are and get to know others. A few more…….

    I don’t like the Wizard of Oz….childhood fear that has never gone away.
    This is my second marraige. He is my soul mate.
    It drives me crazy when people slow down to a crawl to turn a corner, forcing you to practically come to a stop.
    I love black licorice.
    I treat animals like people. They seem to enjoy it.
    Music is amazing to me. I use it to feel,express, remember, reflect….
    I don’t like anyone touching my feet!
    I love to travel because it makes no sense to stay in one tiny space when the world is SO big.
    I snore.
    Reading fiction seems like a waste of time to me. I like it “real”.
    I can’t watch any violence on TV. I have to leave the room.
    I like writing poetry and ramblings about life.
    I work with babies and love it.
    I love turquoise jewellery.
    People intrigue me.
    I hate the way I look in sunglasses.
    I do my best thinking in a bubble bath.
    I think Craig Ferguson on the Late, Late Show is the funniest person alive.
    ok….enough about me!!!

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