I am still standing…

On May 5th I am invited to break the silence on loss and show the world that I am STILL STANDING after loss and infertility by sharing a picture on facebook, twitter, instagram and pinterest. I will include the hashtag “#iamstillstanding” to connect with and find others participating. Its such an amazing idea and so far I see that over 500 people are going to be doing the same thing. How amazing it will feel to tell the world I am an angel mommy, even though most already know. I made my picture that I will upload on May 5th and I love it. I miss my daughter so much, every day I grow stronger though. She is so proud of her mommy. I just know it. I know there are SO many women that suffer in silence and it is so sad to go through this alone, no matter how early the loss is it was still a loss and it still broke our hearts. I know that having something “Freshly Pressed” gets the word out there, so I will hope and pray this gets “Freshly Pressed” because then maybe it will reach some mommy’s or daddy’s that have lost a child. Maybe it will give them the courage to tell the world. If anyone reads this post, please share with others and get the word out. IF this one post can help ease someone’s pain then it was all worth it. God Bless! xoxo

Here is the ‘Event’ page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/552753651414253/

Baby Girl


4 thoughts on “I am still standing…

  1. I really like this idea. I also find it terrifying. I wasn’t very public about my loss, but I feel like so much more needs to be said/known about these struggles we have…especially since there are so many of us, and so many have so little support. I’m going to think about doing it this year. I might not be able to until next year.

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