Fly high on the wings of Butterflies…

Everyday I miss and think about her. Today I would have been starting my 31st week of my pregnancy, instead I am starting the 11th week since she went to Heaven. I am always looking for signs that she is around me and I have not had any lately. Maybe she is just having a wonderful time in Heaven ❤ I wonder if she is with other loved ones that have gone too soon. Do they know she is our daughter…?

When someone told me that grief is like a rollercoaster I only half believed them. I thought to myself I could get through this, but they were right…100% right. It is like a rollercoaster and sometimes it has such sharp turns that it knocks me off my feet. I spent one Sunday in bed most of the day because I just had no energy to put my feet on the ground. I can thank my best friend for coming and getting me out of bed that day, otherwise I would not have.

Just this past Sunday I walked 3 miles in her honor at the March of Dimes. It was nice and I got to walk with my some amazing people including a lady that also lost her baby girl to Turners Syndrome. It is so refreshing to talk to other women that share your pain. They know exactly how you feel. I am planning a nice "angelcation" to Myrtle Beach this year as well and it will be with other mommies that lost babies to Turners Syndrome. It will be so refreshing and I know our angels will be so happy that they brought us together.

Also as far as having another baby goes, even though we did everything correct last month I did not get a positive pregnancy test. So we are about to start our 2nd month trying. We will stay optimistic and know that God will bless us when the timing is right. xoxo



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