Sweet dreams and Sweet Lullabies to my Angel up above

Wrote this for Isabelle ❤

Sweet angel in the sky, sometimes I wonder if you can see me cry? Do my tear drops fall in heaven just like the rain falls on earth? I know you are in Jesus' arms dancing in the clouds.

Do you sing to me with the wind?
Because I feel you every where I've been. Sometimes I wonder if you tickle my nose with feathers just floating in the breeze?
At times it really puts my mind at ease.

Once the sun sets and shines on me no more, I feel you with me evermore. You shine through the stars, a sparkling delight. I find you each and every night, I look for the star that is ever so bright.

I do not wish upon your star, for I already know where you are. Beside me watching with glee, as I stare into the sky, with so much to see.

To sleep I must go now again and hope that in my dreams we will find each other again, until then I love you and sweet dreams my child.


4 thoughts on “Sweet dreams and Sweet Lullabies to my Angel up above

  1. I am so glad I found your blog…Just hearing your words I realize the eternity of precious love…I had a near death experience at 4 years old that showed me life is eternal…and as the movie “heaven is real” shows you..you will see her again someday…I had a miscarriage right before I had My only daughter Alyson..it was devastating at first to think that I would never she him dance and play…then he came to me in a dream…and I knew he lived on and was well…eternal life for sure all our Earth Angels…a quote I just heard from my daughters college graduation key note speaker was this from Martin Luther King…”we cannot see the stars until it gets dark enough”…thank you for helping other family’s through times like this…..Heart to Heart Robyn

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